So it’s day 5 of the flu and I’m fed up. I’ve binge watched Stranger Things and Amazon is my best friend😊

It’s amazing how managing little things cheers me up when I feel feverish, listless and aches such as putting a wash on and making the bed.

The sneaky bug managed to squeeze through and get me before my flu jab started to work, sods law I guess.

I’m calling it the Roman flu as I believe I caught it on the plane coming back from Italy.

Acceptance is the key when I want to feel better but time is what my body needs to fight it off and recover.

So just for today I accept the flu and his friend chest infection, but it doesn’t mean he’s welcome for much longer.

Stay well guys.

Backs out.

My back has gone again and I’m stuck on the sofa in between crying and feeling sorry for myself and walked slowly but with determination to the kettle.

acceptance is the key but when it takes five minutes to get you knickers on in the morning it can be stressful. I’m lucky to have my dogs for company and Albert my Staffy is very loving as is Casper my retriever. Sometimes I just want to hurry up the healing process but I guess it’s the old maximum give time, time. 💛.


Sitting in a cafe discussing favourite destinations and Canada leaves my lips.

I visited and it stole my Heart. It’s beauty, wildlife and kindness of all the Canadians I met.

watching soaring bald eagles and seals with liquid eyes, bobbing for fish.

Joy, feeling my heart settle and all at once Peace.


Christmas Rush

The hustle of the shoppers, eyes fixed on another intended gift. Clamouring for cashiers attention, in mid Salted Caramel Latte bliss.

Straining for the finishing Line the promise of slippers, tree lights flashing, and the wife’s squeeze and kiss.